When I was little, I saw a man abusing his dog in front of people. The dog was hanging upside down from the tree and the man was beating the dog with sticks. Not only did the man shock me, but also the people who were just watching him hit the dog made me mad. The awful memory was fixed in my young brain and never gone until today.
A few weeks ago, the Guggenheim museum decided to remove three major works by Chinese artists, mostly experimental art and intended to challenge authority and use animals, in a video, to call attention to the violence of humankind. The three works are “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other”, “Theater of the World” and “A Case Study of Transference.” Although Guggenheim removed their artworks, it is still shocking that the museum practically planned to show them, which all involve animal cruelty. It's evident that things haven't changed at all since the moment I met the man with his dog. 
However, I am glad that this time animal-rights supporters demand pulling the works from the show. I am so happy that there are people who show they care and animal rights do exist. Maybe things do change.

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